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Bio, Recycled & Recyclable Plastics
We supply them all!
None of our products are single use, they are all designed to last many lifetimes.
Which of our products are made from recyclable plastics?
All our products except traditional spot dice and resin pieces are recyclable. We use a limited number of different types of plastic, which one depends upon your product choice.
Which of our products are available in Eco/Bio or Recycled Plastics?
We offer 100% recycled Polypropylene ready for use in our existing moulding machines. Polypropylene products include arrow spinners, stacking counters and a few other less commonly ordered items. The material is identical to our usual plastics but is made using polymer feedstock derived from waste cooking oil and other eco sources making it part of the circular economy. All of our recycled plastic products contain 1.2% of non-recycled material in the colouring – unless
you choose to go for a milky clear colour.
An ‘Eco’ Polystyrene with 95% recycled cooking oil content similar to the material above is also available. This can be used in hard plastic components like Counters, Halma Pawns and Cones.
We can supply our popular 19/17mm flexible cardstands made from a Bio Sourced LDPE (made from sugar-cane).
Sand Timers
Our sand timers are available with the endcaps made from Eco/Bio plastic. The sand is not plastic, it’s exactly that – sand, so is a natural product.
We are working on the best eco solution for polybags, the current 95% recycled plastic is not yet sold as ‘food safe’.

Warning: Choking Hazard!! Achtung! Nicht geeignet für Kinder unter 3 Jahren wegen Erstickungsgefahr durch Kleinteile. Die Endverpackung muß mit einem Warnungsteikett versehen werden.

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