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Our customers have asked us “How will Covid-19 affect your ability to supply us?”


Plastics for Games started preparing for Coronavirus at the beginning of 2020 when it first became apparent that the disease would spread globally and most likely have a negative affect upon the world population and economy.

We trebled our orders of standard raw materials in January and designed a safe working system at our distribution warehouse which ensures that our warehouse staff are now physically separated from office staff and delivery drivers. Office staff are using a combination of home working and shift splitting ensuring no two members of our sales or management team are ever in the building at the same time. We are taking no chances, at our premises we have acheived 100% social distancing.

We have introduced new cleanliness rules for our warehouse staff and in February we installed more than one hand sanitising station per staff member, including delivery drivers. Warehouse packing staff now also wear face masks and surgical gloves. There are strict protocols for staff health monitoring.


We were ready for the Toy Safety Directive, ready for Brexit and now we are ready for Covid-19. We wish all of our customers, suppliers and stakeholders, good health in these troubling times.

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