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Plastics for Games Ltd, Plastic Dice, Counters and Boardgame Components design,  manufacture and supply.
European Union Toy Safety Directive 2009/49/EC

Plastics for Games Ltd take toy safety and our responsibility under the European Toy Safety Directive seriously.

We have a robust quality system in place that combines careful risk assessment and component testing with an effective batching system enabling us to trace raw materials and component parts back to source. This system ensures that our customers are guaranteed safe, high quality components whenever they order from us.

The warrant of each of our products' quality and safety is our Declaration of Conformity, which we can supply upon request as required by the EC Toy Safety Directive.

The data we obtain and record under the requirements of the European Union Toy Safety Directive contains commercially sensitive information and is therefore not released to our customers. We can arrange for further testing at your own cost or submit samples of the component to you for testing purposes.

If you require more information than the EC Declaration of Conformity, you must inform us when you place your order as we do not routinely release material data, test certificates or bill of materials.

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