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Bio plastic boardgame components Bioplastic is Here!
We have successfully trialled a new, sustainably sourced plastic made from plant ethanol which has a minimum plant-based content of 95% (ASTM D6866). It is a direct replacement for our traditional fossil-oil based plastic, reduces greenhouse gasses and comes from 100% Renewable sources!
Renewable, Sustainable and Eco Friendly
Because it is plant based it actually captures CO2 . 1 cubic metre of this green plastic captures 3 cubic metres of atmospheric CO2 once it’s been produced.

We have started by manufacturing one of our most popular products in Bio-Plastic, the 19/17mm Cardstand. The ‘Milky Clear’ colour offers the highest ‘Bio’ content. The material behaves exactly like conventional plastic and can be recycled in the same way too.
Bio Plastic Boardgame Playing Pieces
More to Come
You can order our Bioplastic cardstands now and as we trial different grades of Bioplastic we will bring you more news of more of our range you can buy from us in the future.
For all enquiries and pricing please contact our sales team.

Warning: Choking Hazard!! Warning! Small Parts Choking Hazard! Not for use by children aged under 36months. Warning Label Must be applied to final packaging.

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